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5 Skills Bahamians Can Master During the Lock-Down

We all know that most local companies invest a lot of time tending to customers and solving related problems. Now that the face-to-face interaction is removed (due to the pandemic) - it’s left most of us with bundles of free time. So what exactly can we do with this spare time? We could play video games, sleep or eat until we want to throw up. But that doesn’t seem too productive, does it?

Here’s our list of 5 (productive) skills Bahamians can master during the lock-down. 1-Be Organized and Set Goals: As a team leader, owner or project manager, you need to stay organized by planning in advance all the steps that will be applied to ensure your organization’s success. Setting goals that directly impact your business objectives are essential to avoid a longer path to financial recovery. Remember to set your goals on your budgets, marketing strategies, sales, and customer care experiences. You may want to use automation and other tools to keep you updated with your tasks and company calendar activities. For this, you could use free software like Trello, Google Calendar and department-based calendars in CRMs like Bitrix24. 2-Digital Marketing: Learning about digital marketing will help you understand which concepts and tools can boost your business faster and with the least amount of time and money. You may be interested in having a robust website, better online communication, and creative content that will attract more clients.

Reading minds is still an impossible skill to master, but working on our communication skills is within our reach as an important component of business success.

Also, the way you convey your message can be ineffective, if you don’t work on this skill. SEO and marketing experts agree that creating great content will draw in new customers. It is required to have basic knowledge of copy-writing in order to create quality written content for marketing and blogs. Creating quality content and deeper SEO knowledge will be your greatest assets in moving your brand to higher heights. 3-Basics of Social Media Analytics: Having a basic knowledge of social media analytics is very important. Being able to track and understand the performance of your ads and content, allows you to access real-time information about your customer’s interests, so you can start on planning strategies to optimize every campaign. 4-Social Media Content Strategies: Posting random content consistently won’t bring you expected results, instead, a social media content strategy requires analytical thinking, planning and implementing the core strategies that will help your brand thrive in the digital space.

Knowing the basics of how social media analytics work, will allow you to track important metrics that will help in building your content strategies and brand. 5-Building Creative Campaign Concepts: With the vast amount of content that is constantly being shared on social media platforms, it’s necessary to find ways of standing out.

Be creative enough to attract your potential customers. Looking at competitors and other successful brands will help your thoughts to move in the right direction. Keep in mind that once the lock-down is over, the ‘business landscape’ may be very different from the reality we’ve known from years before. Only those that have prepared themselves and taken advantage of the time, developing critical skills in order to confront the “battered financial climate” post-quarantine will thrive. Reach out to us for a Free Consultation to get your business back on track even faster. Click the link below to get started.



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