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8 Ways Local Businesses Can Use Inbound Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact.

With economies around the world in ‘free-fall’ due to the Coronavirus lock-downs and travel bans, most local businesses are looking for strategies to bounce back as soon as there is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. That being said, we composed this article of 8 ways to successfully boost your Bahamas based business once the quarantine is over. 1)Do a Quick-Audit of Your Content Assets One of the ways to start improving the content performance is to make a small audit to keep an updated inventory of your content assets. To do this you can use an Excel sheet or a Google Spreadsheet using one tab for each content type (websites, blogs, social post/accounts, infographics, and articles you’ve published externally) analyzing each content type with questions such as: • Which pieces of content were the most shared and why? • Which page of my website gets the most traffic on-site? • Which offers/value propositions were the most clicked and why? Once you’ve answered these questions you are ready to build a report that will allow you to make decisions related to: • Choosing which contents should be updated first. • Optimizing your website and content for SEO (mostly for tourism and real estate based businesses). • Associating your content with internal links to present new products and services. 2)Organize Your Administrative Processes It may require a bit of effort to clean up processes and delete files that we don’t use anymore. Although this task is crucial to organize your business and to get accurate reports, you will need to schedule these actions to remind yourself and avoid future accumulated messes. Many times, we have the issue of not closing outdated contracts and clients within our CRM systems and consequently, we end up affecting our monthly results and reports. As a matter of fact, you should stick to the rule of scheduling any administrative task that will aim at organizing your business such as cleaning up files and records, scheduling audits and building reports. 3)Take Advantage of the Different Types of SERPS *FYI: Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines like Google in response to a search by a user. If you are a small business owner you’ve probably been busy trying to multitask on different areas of your business. But now that you have some extra time you should definitely use it to build a more sophisticated presence online, digging deeper into the different types of SERPS such as AdWords, Carousels, Featured Snippets, Related Questions, Google Shopping, Top Stories, and Images. If this sounds like new information to you and perhaps also hard to digest - remember that you can always do some research on which tools are the best for your company and you might want to consult with someone specialized in inbound marketing (Like Us) to guide your first steps while you start your amazing journey. 4)Build Your Online Reviews Strategy You may think that it will take a lot of time to answer online reviews and maybe you left this behind as a last priority. However, your customers deserve a response to their feedback in order to acknowledge that you really care about their opinions, points of satisfactions or concerns. You can create a Review Policy including template/canned responses for some general concerns or positive feedback, other flexible templates on how to answer to negative reviews and if you have an employee it is a great time for training him/her on this aspect. Within this policy, you may want to also include how often it is needed to have a Review Report to work on the concerns and feedback. Even though it is important to answer most reviews, it may not be the best idea to backtrack; giving a response to the old ones. Instead, you can start picking up the ‘still fresh’ ones, giving a thoughtful response. 5)Improve your Digital Presence in a Big Way Have you thought about businesses that were already investing in their digital sales having updated their websites and online sales channels are less affected by the current recession? Actually for some of them such as international supermarkets and restaurants, their on-site traffic and delivery systems are ironically ‘congested’, so it is time for you to focus on getting your storefront online working properly. In addition, you should be aware that the habit of using online stores won’t go away after the pandemic and rather it will be increased. You may want to invest in a specialized and reliable team (again like us) to create your online store, and the sooner the better. 6)Update Your Google Business Profile for Local Customers An important but underestimated aspect for customer satisfaction is to have your Business Profile updated in Google. A customer will discontinue using a specific store because the hours of operation are listed incorrectly and once they arrive the business happens to be close. You have the duty of displaying your company’s address, phone and operating hours correctly; so that potential buyers can find you. Additionally, you should take some time to add new photos, promotions and offers on your company’s online profiles as a reminder to customers and potential buyers of your products and services on a regular basis. 7)Considering an Outreach Strategy Even though reaching out to customers during the pandemic crisis will rely entirely on your type of business, it is critical to maintain and nurture your existing relationships with your clients. Throughout the harsh reality, we are currently navigating, your customers should hear from you on a regular basis. This makes them engaged with your values, updates, and products and consequently, the relation won’t drop off. As an example, you might use social media or email marketing/blasts to share with your customers how much you care about their well-being during this temporary global crisis. This way you will be building a connection and trust with your audience. 8)SEO Audit: Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit will aim at creating a report that will help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. As stated above this applies mostly to local companies that depend on external clients and visitors to our shores. Industries such as real estate, tourism, and finance have the most to gain by optimizing their SEO. However, all local companies with websites should also explore this option to ensure their websites are visible for key search terms. Get a Free Consultation and SEO report for your business on how to boost your brand marketing and sales in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Follow the link below to get started.

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