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Why have Live-Streaming Classes for Bahamian Schools become so vital?

The Covid-19 outbreak introduces several challenges in various parts of society. Within these affected sectors we find educational institutions actively sourcing online/digital ways of progressing the education of their students.

The Bahamian government has shut down local schools due to the pandemic and as a result, there is significant frustration about the valuable time that’s been lost for students due to the lock-down.

Consequently, the entire scenario is pushing towards establishing online and home-based classes.

If you’re ready to get your students learning again, then this thought-starter is right for you:

Choosing the best solutions for your Institution:

Many schools have been using prerecorded lessons as a tool to stay connected with their classrooms. However, realizing that it’s not possible to ensure that the students understand the content - alternative methods are being sought.

Other institutions are already implementing live-streaming conferences accessible through their websites; building a virtual environment where they can interact, ask questions, and deliberate as usual.

Keep in mind that not all live-streaming classes require a website to function. Tools such as Zoom and Skype are also being used to host virtual learning sessions. However, the free versions of these tools normally work better if there is a limited amount of persons in attendance.

At In-Studio we recently completed solutions for Tot’s Educare, incorporating live streaming classes directly onto their website. This solution is powered by Google and can host up to 250 students, parents and teachers at a time.

The main requirement of this project was the ability to run four classes simultaneously with various teachers and user friendly enough to be used by anyone.

It’s very important to choose the right platform when considering the various desktop and mobile devices the parents, students, and teachers may be using to connect.

The solution also boasts many other premium features offered by Google that the teachers can leverage to make their virtual classrooms more interactive and visual.

Implementing Live-Streaming Lessons:

Institutions around the world were already using online learning prior to the pandemic. It seems that the Bahamas is only now taking advantage of the many resources available for distance learning.  

Despite these multiple benefits, for many local schools, online classes are still out of their reach. Many asked the question - So, how do we implement this quickly?

While some schools may think that they don’t have the tools, budget or training to start with live-streaming classes there are in-market professionals (like us), who are ready to assist.

One important measure that can’t be left aside is Cyber Security - the ability to restrict access. There has been an increased amount of hijackers crashing video feeds on public sessions as of late. For schools hosting virtual sessions with younger student’s especially - I can’t stress the importance of having a secure connection. Making the environment monitored and safe for everyone.

Interested in knowing more about virtual learning for your school?

 Contact us today for a free consultation!

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