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2021 Digital Marketing Trends

No matter how good your product or service is, you need to establish the digital marketing strategies that will have the most impact on your business. To maximize sales and generate leads on a regular basis choose a Bahamas digital marketing company that understands which form of marketing will improve key performance indicators that lead to achieving specific business goals. Incorporating the 2021 digital marketing trends can mean the difference in separating your business from the competition and generating thousands of dollars in additional revenue. The following is a list of trends to implement for 2021.

Increased opportunities for search visibility on Google's search engine

It should come as no surprise that Google holds the vast majority of users when it comes to attracting targeted visitors that are looking for what your company offers. There are many best practices and ranking factors you can use to maximize the search visibility of your website. Optimize your website to reflect the updates to Google's ranking algorithm to give your website a competitive edge in the search results.

Page Experience update (May 2021)

There are hundreds of ranking factors that Google's search engine will take into account before it displays your website on the first page. The experience a page offers to a user has been a ranking factor for some time now, however, as of May 2021 Google will update its algorithm to include Core Web Vitals.

This new update will measure the following:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The time it takes for the most important content to appear on your page.

First Input Delay (FID)

The time it takes for a website to respond to a command (How long it takes a website to respond to user interaction)

Cumulative layout shift (CLS)

The time it takes for your website layout to stabilize during the loading sequence.

Google Passages

Google has implemented an update within its algorithm to directly answer specific queries asked by a user. This is somewhat of an extension to the featured snippet in the sense that Google is indexing content that can sometimes be buried deep within pages.

What does this update mean for your company?

It means more opportunities to appear in search results and formatting your content to be easily read and indexed by search engines. By providing more headings, jump links, and ways of making your content bite-sized pieces of information, you increase the likelihood of your content appearing in a Google search result.

Video marketing

With more than 87% of marketers using video as part of their marketing strategy, video marketing has long been a tried, tested, and proven way of increasing conversions and spreading awareness of your brand. What's changed in the more recent years, however, is the number of people that have stopped paying for cable TV and have adopted streaming as their main source of entertainment in the living room. Comcast reports that approximately 72% of people now stream video directly to their television.

This means that if you're investing in paid ads, you need to consider using the top streaming platforms that will result in the broadest reach in finding your target audience.

YouTube's massive market

If you need to pick one platform, it might as well be YouTube. As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube offers access to over 2 billion logged-in users. Whether you're using paid ads or creating videos to drive YouTube traffic to your website, the opportunity for traffic is among the best it's ever been.

Keep in mind that YouTube is owned by Google. We're seeing more and more videos appear in the search results because it is the preferred way of consuming content. More than 90% of the videos that appear on Google are YouTube videos. Combine the traffic from YouTube and Google search and you have the perfect digital marketing strategy for increasing sales and lead generation.

Social media marketing

We can all agree that social media is an excellent way of connecting with your audience on a more personal level, which results in brand loyalty and more traffic to your website. Some of the more notable trends are the rise of influencer marketing and the use of stories to increase conversions.

Influencer marketing

Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian amassed her enormous empire? With multiple product lines and a massive number of followers, it only takes a few mentions of a product to send thousands of people to a web page. Even more impressive is her sister Kylie Jenner. While these influencers undoubtedly have the power to generate sales, the trend has shifted to micro-influencers as a more viable means of marketing.

Micro-influencers can provide a more targeted audience for a specific product and therefore can accommodate higher engagement rates when promoting a product. The cost is also considerably more affordable when using influencers with 20k followers vs. hundreds of thousands.

Social media stories

Stories are videos and images that appear outside the regular feed and can be viewed on mobile devices, fullscreen for 24 hours only. This form of marketing plays on the concept of FOMO (fear of missing out). When people realize they will lose out on the opportunity to view a video, it creates a sense of urgency resulting in higher user engagement. We can expect more emphasis to be placed on marketing via this form of social media.

Choose the best form of digital marketing for your business

We've touched on a few of the top digital marketing trends to expect in 2021 but it doesn't mean they are the perfect match for your type of business. Contact In-Studio Interactive; a Bahamas-based digital marketing company to establish your key performance indicators and maximize your potential on lead generation, sales, and revenue.

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