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Stop Spamming and Start Selling (Email Marketing DOs and DON’Ts)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Bahamas Email Marketing Agency

You might think that with the rise of social media and other means of digital marketing that email marketing would be on its deathbed. If so, think again — email marketing is alive and well and, in an ever more online marketplace, more important than ever. That said, we’ve all deleted deluges of unwanted emails or marked them to be sent straight to the spam folder.

The question, therefore, isn’t whether email marketing is alive or dead but which DOs can help keep your emails out of the spam folder and into the forefront of your audience’s mind.

DO Make Your Messages Matter

Few things are more irritating than irrelevant calls or emails wasting your precious time. When you waste someone’s time, you risk losing their attention and thus business. You should therefore make sure that you don’t overdo your messages, and make sure that the ones you send have an air of importance.

Hiring a top Nassau email marketing agency can give you added insight into how to make your email messages sound more important. They’ll put their expertise to work for you in crafting text that conveys your message as concisely and meaningfully as possible.

DON’T Use Spammy Words

If there is anything more annoying than an irrelevant message, it’s a spammy one. No one likes feeling taken advantage of or taken for granted. Spammy messages do just that, which is why they’re a definite don’t. Avoid clickbait-y unnatural language and obnoxious titles (“CLICK HERE!” “YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE...” “ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY…”)

DO Balance Your Content

Variety is one of the great underrated techniques in email marketing. Repetitive emails are boring, and boring messages are destined for the delete button. Make each message feel new by changing up the links, pictures, and text that you use. While you want to keep borders and logos the same for aesthetic branded consistency, using new eye-catching images and new wording for your calls to action can help each email stand out.

DO Personalize Your Emails

One of mass marketing’s drawbacks is that it can feel impersonal. Being aware that you’re a target audience means feeling as if you are a “target” for a cold, calculating company or algorithm, and nobody likes that. Instead, try to personalize your messages. If you can, set up a program to auto-input your recipients’ names; you’re much more likely to respond to something addressed to you than “Dear User.”

You’ll also want to personalize emails according to current events. For example, you can mention noteworthy current actions in your company, or theme them to upcoming holidays. In an all too often impersonal online space, the personal touch can feel like the Midas Touch -- as good as gold.

DON’T Clutter Your Formatting

The harder your email is, and the longer people have to read it before they get the point, the more likely they are to stop reading or delete it before carrying out whatever call to action you’re trying to spur.

“Brevity is the soul of wit” and effectively witty email marketing. Put big points and calls to action first, and be engaging.

DO Use an Email Litmus Test

Before you shoot your emails off, you first want to conduct an email litmus test. These are basically a dress rehearsal for your email marketing campaign, allowing you to see how your email looks to recipients.

Simply sign up, send out your email, and the litmus test will send it to a set of dozens or even hundreds of servers, which in turn will send back screenshots of how the email looks to them. This can help you catch spelling and formatting errors and make sure that your message looks its best before you send it off.

Put Together Targeted Lists

Rather than shoot off emails randomly or send every address the same email, targeted lists can help you take several of these recommendations -- personalized messages, important content, engaging formatting -- and put them into practice. The best experts in Bahamas email marketing can sift through your different addresses, put together targeted lists with common traits and interests, and send out personalized emails crafted especially for them.

Enliven your email marketing game with these tips and the help of the best email marketing experts in the Bahamas and beyond.

For more amazing tips, tricks and thought starters visit our blog at or contact us today.

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