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3 Proven Ways to Drive More Sales in The Bahamas with Digital Marketing

Let’s begin with a question… when searching for a local service provider or wanting to try something new from the lunch menu of your favorite restaurant; what ‘medium’ do you use to access this information?

If your answer isn’t Google, Bahamas Local or an alternate online search engine then perhaps its time to exit that ‘cave’ you’ve been living in for the past 20 years.

With that aside, here are 3 proven ways to grow your business and revenue with digital marketing.

1) The first and most obvious of the bunch – “Website and SEO”

Your website is your digital storefront; even if you’re not selling products or services online via e-commerce. In this age of social media; more is better than less – Refresh your website’s content regularly to keep clients coming back for more. This stands true for mostly B2C based businesses, however, B2B entities can also benefit from this as well.

2) Inbound Marketing –

This method is actually one of my personal favorites. Creative content that adds value to your interactions with customers and potential clients. This method can mostly be seen in ‘properly executed’ social media campaigns and email marketing. Providing content that is inspiring, educational and even entertaining will boost your traffic. Resulting in a greater market share and higher revenues.

3) The last on the list is “Digital Advertising” –

Ads, ads and more ads. You’ve seen local companies saturate the web with promotions on Google advertising. However, throwing money at something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work – I’d really like to see their ROI on this (I’m just saying). Picking the right ‘value proposition’ for your campaign is just as critical as running it. Your ‘end-goal’ can vary from – brand marketing, boosting online sales and sign-ups to increased in-store traffic. Either way, this method has been proven to be the most expensive – and should be planned out in detail before putting any capital into it.

No time to build your business from the digital end? No worries, we’re here to help you! Call or message us today for a free consultation and up to 40% off on select services.



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